Ask These Two Questions Before Hiring a Health-care Advertising Agency

While picking a medical advertising agency in NYC or elsewhere, you should be very careful as it’s basically a partnership agreement. In short, you should choose a health-care advertising company very carefully because it’ll design your public image.
Don’t confuse this agency with a regular medical supplier source or a vendor. Remember: You aren’t buying file folders or latex gloves here; you’re, actually, hiring a pretty trusted professional colleague that thoroughly understands your growth goals and businesses.
If you’re buying a website design or a creative service where the work is measured through billable hours and where you’ll get a pretty picture in the end, then you’re not dealing with a health-care advertising agency. When you’re with an agency, you should expect more and engage more. So here are the top two questions that you need to ask before tying up with medical advertising agency in NYC, or elsewhere.
Question: Would you make a serious a partnership-level commitment?
Picking a health-care advertising agency or a medical marketer means that you’re bringing an outsider and trusting it with the not-so-good issues of your practice. When you’re hiring a dependable medical advertising agency, you shouldn’t have a hidden agenda, unstated goals, or quietly held problems. So you should cultivate mutual trust with your newly hired medical marketing firm.
See, you’re bringing this marketing resource on board just because of its unique professional expertise. Plus, a rubber-stamp endorsement of every idea of yours may seem a bit flattering, but you shouldn’t expect that always. Beware! Many advertising companies resort to sycophancy all the time. By interacting continually, you’ll notice that many advertising agencies won’t accept a one-way engagement.
Question: What’s your total tolerance for risk?
Any medical advertising company that’s always making powerful statements, such as “guaranteed success,” is simply kidding you. In that case, you should adjourn the meeting without further ado. The harsh reality is that there’s never any assurance of results in any promotional task whatsoever. You can surely make educated guesses, but giving assurances is a big fat no!
Advertising and marketing always involve a degree of risk. However, similar to the practice of medicine, advertising and marketing have best practices too. And when these best practices of advertising and promotion are implemented, you’ll see the magnitude of risks going down. However, before hiring an advertising agency, don’t just see the confidence level but analyze and measure its performance as well.
So to taste the success in promoting your business, you should establish relationships with a trusted advertising agency that’ll have the experience to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and deliver measurable, tangible results.